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Welcome to the Dhonisaurus forums. Use of the forums is subject to the guidelines below, which covers all content submitted to the site.

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•           Be sincere in your contributions. Post with purpose - to inspire, enable or share with fellow travellers.

•           Respect that other people have different points of view, travel journeys, styles, budgets and confidence levels. Don’t take things personally.

•           Be specific: When posting a recommendation, or a question, the more context and specificity you can give, the better for everyone.

•           Give feedback - to your fellow travellers, to the industry, and to us, in a helpful and constructive manner.

•           Keep it legal, and don’t defame others.

•           Use common sense when seeking advice. Make your own inquiries, especially around subjects like health and safety.

•           Be safe and smart when arranging to meet people, whether locals or fellow travellers.


•           Create content of a discriminatory or derogatory nature. Rich debate is wonderful, and you can do it without being offensive, humiliating or intimidating based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, age or socio-economic status.

•           Defame, harass, flame or hold grudges.

•           Post personal details or private information about any other person (or anything contrary to our Privacy policy).

•           Impersonate another person, including Dhonisaurus staff or reviewers.

•           Use the forums for spam advertising. We encourage representatives of properties to engage with the site, but request that representatives identify themselves as such. Adding value to conversations is the best way to build an audience for your expertise.

•           Use excessively coarse language.

•           Discuss how to commit illegal activity (like buying drugs, avoiding visa restrictions, etc). It’s OK to talk about the existence of these things, but don’t advise how and where to do them.

•           Don't hide behind handles. We respect the right of travellers to be anonymous, which may lead some people to say things they wouldn’t face to face. Don’t be one of those people. If you’re tempted, remember, we can see who you are, even if other users can’t.


We let you add posts and reviews around the website, and we make a great effort to prevent businesses from creating fake reviews. For fellow travellers to get maximum benefit, remember to make your reviews constructive, balanced and full of as much context as possible.


Travellers might review you on our website or forum. We ask that you embrace the good with the bad, as not everyone will have the experience you plan or hope for. If you think a comment constitutes defamation, please contact us: [email protected]

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