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Introduction to safari boats and liveaboards in the Maldives

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If you have a large visual appetite, then a safari boat or liveaboard is worth considering. Typically furnished for luxury and designed to accomodate your chosen adventure, these facilities provide comfort and variety. Best to consider any susceptibility to motion sickeness or claustrophobia, however - while some vacationers would consider the open ocean total freedom, others might find limited mobility, well, limiting. As you deliberate your options, consider the below aspects of safari boating and liveaboard vacation.

Safari versus Liveaboard

If you want to go for an excursion in style, safari boats offer one to several days of luxurious water sport and travel. Liveaboards accomodate guests for several nights, and are equipped as water-born hotel rooms with facilities including libraries, bars, restaurants, and water sports equipment. Always check with your resort or boat company to find out what options are available on which boat, as many companies offer a range of experiences.

With enough people - and haggling - a liveaboard holiday can also be a cheaper way to see more of the Maldives than a resort, and is an especially fun if you have a large group who already know each other. However you are much more at the mercy of the weather than a resort-based holiday, and standards are as varied as many are run by small-scale operators. Seek testimonials from previous punters if you are planning to take the plunge. 

Purposes and Possibilities

Why are you going? Do you like to chill with your family, or do you enjoy making new acquaintances? Are you up for some water activities, whether you're an expert or beginner? These are all important factors to consider before booking yourself for anything from an hour's excursion to a week on a boat with four other couples you've never met.

Safari boats often take resort guests for hour or day excursions, either to local islands or dive sites. They can also take guests out for one or more nights, depending on capacity. Four Seasons Kuda Huraa offers three, four or seven day cruises aboard its newly-acquired Explorer. Equipped with an open-deck bar, a boat launch, surf and dive equipment, a restaurant and lodging, this massive catamaran sets the standard for the top of the field.

Many cruise companies offer pre-programmed vacations featuring island, snorkel and dive excursions. If you're a water sports fan, then you should consider the advantages of a liveaboard vacation.

Manthiri Liveavoard caters to the experienced diver who enjoys a bit of luxury. The top deck provides room for fun in the sun, and cuisine appears sufficiently creative. Rooms are designed for comfort, and a public salon offers a range of entertainment. A 12-guest limit allows for fairly spacious accomodations.

Maldives Liveaboard offers a variety of boating experiences, from modern to imitation-authentic. Prices are reasonable, and service averages very comfortable. Guests can choose from a range of boats with different accommodations and purposes.

Maldives Safari offers six boats with differing designs and purposes. While some appeal to the rustic diver and sailor, others cater to a more modern sense of luxury. Trips accomodate divers, explorers, and sun bathers.


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