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How our rating system works

Dhonisaurus automatically calculates an overall percentage rating for each property by averaging the scores submitted by readers across 10 categories.

These categories are: Rooms, Service, Beach, Activities, Dining, Bar Experience, House Reef, Environmental Responsibility, Value and ‘Look and Feel’.

We researched these categories together with guests, travel journalists and industry experts, and feel they distill the characteristics of a great resort in the Maldives and the key appeal for visitors.

Bigger, international travel review sites do not have the luxury of such detail, as they must be able to objectively measure a rented château in Paris alongside a backpacker hostel in Yemen.

We figure that somebody planning to stay on a resort in the Maldives for weeks at a time will be interested in that detail. Once you’re on an island it’s not like you can go down the road and eat out!

If you find Dhonisaurus helpful in planning your holiday, please review the property afterwards to make us even more useful for the next visitor! And if you need any advice planning your trip, be sure to ask our experts in the Advice Forum.

For resorts and property managers

The property ratings on Dhonisaurus reflect reader opinion, not our own. Because we take an average from 10 categories, our ratings may seem harsher than those of comparable review websites.

The advantage of doing things this way is that no one tinkers with the final overall rating - making it a fair impression of what your guests think of you, as determined by the ‘wisdom of the crowds’.

The more ratings your property receives, the more accurate and the less subjective this figure becomes, making it a valuable independent indicator of not just what you can improve, but also of what you’re doing well in comparison to your competitors. You won’t often get that insight from an in-house survey, or a travel journalist on a junket - especially for free!

Readers come to Dhonisaurus looking for the honest opinions of fellow travellers. To increase your exposure on the Dhonisaurus website we have three different advertising opportunities available. Marketing materials, such as cards that can be given to guests on check-out, are also available to encourage guests to share their experiences on Dhonisaurus.

We aim to be comprehensive. If your property is not listed on Dhonisaurus or has just opened, contact us and we will ensure it is listed: [email protected]

Please be aware that we closely monitor for potentially fraudulent reviews. By all means encourage guests to share their positive experiences on Dhonisaurus - but we can easily tell if you’re doing it yourself!

Suspicious review policy

All reviews are moderated. The Dhonisaurus review system also includes an automated analytics whizzgadget that spots and alerts us to unusual patterns of positive or negative reviews of a property.

Each such case is manually investigated and where we have reason to believe a review is not the genuine opinion of a guest, we will stamp it as ‘Authentity unclear’ and remove it from the ratings calculation.

Repeated attempts to positively or negatively manipulate a property's rating will result in the termination of the offending user account. If we determine that a property or an agent working on behalf of the property has been attempting to manipulate its own rating, we will prominently display a large red penalty notice stating such on the property’s main page, which may only be removed on appeal.

For more information about how we handle such cases, please refer to the relevant section in the User Agreement.

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