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With sand in the reception, sand in the bar and soft, sandy paths throughout, it is a beautiful, environmentally friendly, barefoot resort.

It is also true that the brand marketing is brilliant. Brilliant and, in this case, not misleading. From concept to delivery the place is just really well thought through. They deliver on their perceived promises. But, heh, no one's perfect and no resort is perfect. Let's see if it's right for you.

The sister island, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, has won the president's Green Award and that concern for the environment is obvious here. The interior of the island is as rich with Maldivian flora as any resort island I have visited. Rather than great stands of tall palm trees, it is the variety of native trees, bushes and flowers that impresses here, either side of the narrow sandy paths.
That natural growth is used well to surround the rooms with a green privacy. That is true of most but not all land rooms. The last ten or so rooms at the tip of the island (nos. 330-340) are on reclaimed land and they are partly exposed to their neighbours, until the vegetation grows fully.
In the same way, there is a good beach in front of most but not all land rooms, with a few having a low wall and steps down to the sandy lagoon (305-312). People tend not to walk around the outside of the island, so wherever you are, there is a sense that from the interior path out to the sea, it is your own private space.
There is some excellent snorkelling from the Water Villas down to and just beyond the Aqua Restaurant. And again, good snorkelling on the north side, from near the tip of the island out to the Escape Water Residences.
Diving in the neighbourhood is excellent everywhere. A big highlight is the manta point, where manta rays are "100% guaranteed" between December and April (says the dive base leader Marco). These giants can even be enjoyed by snorkellers here, as they play around 2 metres below. Easy access thilas nearby (starting near the surface and protected from currents) promise juvenile black tip sharks, turtles and enormous table corals. The Protected Marine Area of Rasfaari is just a few minutes away, brimming over with new corals and schools of fish.
If you go diving you will enjoy personal service because relatively few guests choose to actually go diving here. This is usually the case on islands that have a lot of honeymooners or where the rooms are expensive and luxurious. Serious divers like to compromise on the room price and spend it at the dive base.
On Coco Palm Bodu Hithi the rooms are luxurious and, in my opinion, good value for their expense. The architect is a brilliant Maldivian and the interior design is by the same French team that did Huvafen Fushi. The result is a winning mix of easy-on-the-eye thatch and wood surrounding a great looking, thoroughly modern resort interior.
As you walk in an Island Villa you find a large, circular bath tub right in the middle of the room. From inside it you can watch tv or look past that to your green-enclosed verandah and discreet beach access. Looking the other way, you look out to your garden pool and day bed. As expected, the television is a wide-screen satellite number with a dvd player and usb port. The detailing and decorating is lovely here - and even finer in the other, more expensive, rooms. I was disappointed with the power of the shower, but this may not be a common or still existing issue.
There are two water villa jetties off the island. The first contains the Water Villas and Escape Water Villas of Bodu Hithi itself, while the other contains the Escape Water Residences of what is, in effect, a separate resort.
Sold separately and self-sufficient, floating out in the lagoon, the Escape Water Villas are like a private club for those seeking quiet, privacy and a tropical lagoon. There are sea views from everywhere; from the bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and lounge. And, of course, from the infinity plunge pool.
A butler serves every 2 to 3 rooms. The extra touches are impressive: silk robes, silk over the clothes hangers, a pillow menu, a soap menu. The amenities are by Molten Brown.
Escape Water Villa guests would usually prefer to dine in their own restaurant and take sushi in their own bar/lounge, but they might also stroll or take a cart to watch the sunset by the island's pool, main bar and wine bar.
This area is the one place where people come together to enjoy the company of their fellow guests, or at least the buzz of other people having a good time too. Here people are swimming, sunbathing, having lunch (almost everyone is on half-board), drinking in the bar and, occasionally, going upstairs for something a bit special in the wine bar.
Seductively lined-up in glass-walled, temperature-controlled rooms are 250 labels from 11 countries, ranging in price from $50 to $2,500.
It is not the sort of place that keeps going long into the night, though. There is an in-house band but not much else to keep you imbibing, unless you have made some new friends. This is essentially a discreet couples or honeymooners resort.
With sand in the reception, sand in the bar and soft, sandy paths throughout, it is a beautiful, environmentally friendly, barefoot resort.
Review by Adrian Neville.

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